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the most professional supplier of high level security products in China, passed CE, SGS,VDS,BOSEC, LPCB and RoHS certificates


  • How Smart Home Become Prosperous

    [ Apr 24, 2019 ]
    Smart Home system can make people's life more convenient, but now it has not opened the market completely. No matter what the industry to thrive, it must learn to understand psychology of consumers firstly, especially for the smart home, the concept of which has not yet been fully infiltrated.And then, smart home system should use the high cost performance to impress users. At present, the de...
  • Gas Leakage May Take Life Of People

    [ Apr 24, 2019 ]
    Liquefied petroleum gas, which we also often called the coal gas, is a kind of fuel that many families choose to use. But what we should pay attention to is that the CO coal gas contained will make people poisoned. Carbon monoxide is the main component of coal gas. It can combine with hemoglobin, which will not only reduce the ability of carrying oxygen of blood cells, but also suppress and delay ...
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